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Come out to see me live. I perform in solo performances, feature appearances, and with my band.

I am available to teach private lessons one on one. either virtually or in person.

More on my band, The West Side Players.


Gary D. Williams AKA Gary Guitar Williams has been playing guitar and performing for over four decades. The music bug hit me at 5 yrs old when I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Even at a young age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Like all children, I wanted to be a fireman, doctor, or lawyer as well. That wasn't in the cards though. I performed my first show with a no named band when I was just 11 or 12 yrs old. We played the same three songs all night long.  In my teens, I was listening to Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and many others. I played in many rock & roll bands from my teens into my early twenties. I was even in a new wave band called Skinz Ten. We were pretty successful and played the circuit of rock clubs, colleges, and other events  I did a short stint in the military and when I got out, I was back at it again. I played guitar with Ohio Players founder and frontman Satch in Satch & Co. After sitting in with some older blues cats, I knew I wanted to play the blues and nothing else. I started attending blues concerts by Son Seals, Albert Collins, Koko Taylor, and Albert King. I met Snapper Mitchum .who at the time was the bassist for Son Seals. We struck up a friendship and every time Son Seals came to Dayton to perform, I'd go see him and Snapper. Fast forward by a few yrs. Snapper left Son Seals band and moved to Dayton, Ohio from Chicago. My friend the late John Buedel, his guitarist at the time was leaving the band. Snapper was recording his first solo album, Born In The Ghetto.  Snapper asked me if I could play some slide guitar on a rack called Big Legged Baby. John Buedel and Tony Houston played the main guitars on that album and I came in and played some slide guitar on the album. I was asked soon after if I wanted to join the band. I accepted and soon began an awesome journey. I've played with Phil Guy [ Buddy Guy's brother ] . Lefty Dizz, Luther Allison, Bobby Bobby Blue Bland, and too many to mention. We went from playing small bars to playing some great concert venues, festivals, and clubs. After seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy, I thought of starting a solo career. I had fallen out with Snapper over some business and personal issues. I left for a while and went out on my own. I eventually came back, but it was never the same. I eventually left for good after being with  Snapper for 9 yrs. I'm forever grateful to Snapper and have remained friends with him to this day. We've even played together occasionally. Along the way, I hooked up with others such as Big Gill Blues, a local artist. I spent several yrs with harmonicist, singer, and songwriter Malcolm Gibson &  The Mighty Juke. We played Jump and Chicago blues. I played guitar for The Cincinnati Blues Allstars for a couple of yrs as well. Grat band out of Cinci, Ohio. I've performed with many others as well as starting The Uptown Blues Players, and The Back Talk Blues Band. I'm most excited about my recent venture Westside Players feat Gary Guitar Williams. This is one of the best bands I've ever had. Steve Steinke Aka Mojo on drums, Blake Ferguson, guitar, vocals & harmonica. Bassist Mikaela Jones .

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